First, I’m not Andy, the guy who originally started this website. I did exchange emails with him several times and on the original site I’m listed as ‘mgd711’.

After almost a decade out of photography due to numerous personal issues I returned to find Andy passed away in 2014. This is just my attempt to keep the information Andy gathered online and available to the public.

Text from Andy’s original site below…

This site comes out of wanting to gather as much info as possible on using this motion picture film stock in 35mm rangefinder and SLR cameras. A long running thread on the Rangefinder forum and the Eastman Kodak Double-X (5222) group pool on Flickr has a small but happy and dedicated band of users using Double-X and experimenting with different developers and ASA/EI settings and sharing their findings.

It is also worth reading through the information at the Kodak Black & White Film Products section of their web site. There are some interesting links there if you dig around. 

As with all things on the inter-web, this site is constantly developing (pun intended!). It is above all a collaboration from the members of the Rangefinder Forum and Flickr who all shoot Double-X and have contributed to the information contained on the site. So my thanks go to – in no particular order:

With the demise of Eastman Plus-X Negative Film 5231 (Discontinued April 2010), the alternative would be from ORWO film. ORWO actually have two 35mm motion picture negative films. ORWO contact details.

Dave Killeffer
Robert WilsonCanada
Tom ATom – Vancouver, BC, Canada
lkgroupLeo – Washington State, USA 
Nokton48Dan – Central Ohio, USA 
df cardwellDon – Michigan, USA & Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia 
ClayHTexas, USA 
Al Kaplan Al – Florida, USA. Sadly, Al passed away on Tuesday 29th December 2009.
He will be missed for his knowledge and wonderful stories. 
dpetrzelkaWashington State, USA
erikRhode Island. USA
cosmonotNew Jersey, USA 
Cale ArthurMichigan, USA
Sean PorterWashington State, USA
Chris LivseyChris – UK 
noimmunityJon – Shanghai, China 
sockeyedVancouver, BC, Canada
maddocGabor – Japan 
mgd711Christine – Phillipines (The Mariner with a Camera
K14Washington State, USA
mabelsoundRobert – New York State, USA
ORWO Universal Negative Film UN 54Medium speed film with an EI of 100 ISO. Available in 30.5 metre, 122 metre and 305 metre cans.
ORWO Negative Film N 74 plusHigh speed film with an EI of 400 ISO. Available in 30.5 metre, 122 metre and 305 metre cans.